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Workshop at Tallinn Improv Festival

21. 9. 2019 14:00 17:00

I am teaching at Tallinn Improv Festival on Saturday, 21.09, at 2pm-5pm a workshop Be a Troublemaker, Fuel the Scene
Solving the conflict or finding a solution to the problem on stage is the fastest way to kill the scene. On the contrary, if you add oil to the fire, the scene will blossom. We will explore how to increase the stakes, reject the offers of our partner in order to accept them, search for embedded games and throw obstacles in the way of your partners and yourself, making all these troubles a big support for the scene. Let´s be rude, make troubles and fuel the scene!
Level: beginner, intermediate

TILT – International Improv Festival Tilt, Tallinn (EST)

Tallinna Rahvaülikooli Teatrikeskus

Vene 6
Tallinn, Estonsko
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